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Are you looking for a great place to work? Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen was designated as one of the 2012 Best Places to Work in Virginia Award by Virginia Business Magazine and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce for the second year in a row. You've heard about Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen's excellent reputation in the legal community and the courtroom, but have you heard what our employees are saying about working here?

  • Best Law Firms 2017"I feel extremely fortunate to work for a family oriented law firm that actually embraces a work/life balance." See more
  • "I have worked in many different law firms over the past 20 years and I have found none to compare to Allen & Allen." See more
  • "The technical support and training made available to us is the best I have ever found in a workplace." See more
  • "...the generosity of Allen & Allen is unparalleled." See more
  • "Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen is an exemplary leader not only in assisting those who have been injured... but everyone in the community." See more

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Compensation & Benefits | Working @ Allen & Allen | Diversity | Employee Quotes

Compensation & Benefits

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen is committed to offering an exceptional compensation and benefits package for our employees. We provide competitive salaries, which are reviewed each year along with job performance and market comparisons. Our employees are also eligible to receive bonus pay rewarding longevity and merit.

The health and wellness of our employees and their family members is important to the Allen Law Firm. Annually, our benefit program is evaluated to ensure we are offering a variety of plans that meet the needs of our employees.


We offer two different options for medical and vision insurance coverage through Aetna ( Employees can choose between a HMO or PPO plan.  The Allen Law Firm pays 100% of the HMO coverage for the employee. A payroll deduction is required from the employee if the PPO plan is elected or if an employee elects to cover dependents on the plan. An employee who would prefer to maintain their coverage elsewhere is eligible for an "opt out" payment.


Our Dental PPO plan is provided to our employees through Delta Dental. The Allen Law Firm pays 100% of the Dental coverage premium for the employee. A payroll deduction is required if an employee elects to cover dependents on the dental plan.

Life and Disability

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen provides a $50,000 term life insurance policy and Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy at no cost for all full time employees.  Employees have the option to purchase additional amounts of term life insurance as well as coverage for the employee's spouse and children through payroll deduction.

The Allen Law Firm also provides a Long Term Disability policy for full time employees that will pay out 60% of an employee's salary after 90 consecutive days of qualified disability. Employees may elect to purchase Short Term Disability coverage through payroll deduction. Short Term Disability provides 60% of weekly pay for up to 90 days of disability.

Employee Assistance Program

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen provides access to an employee assistance plan which provides all employees and members of their household access to qualified counseling services, receiving up to four visits free of charge. The Employee Assistance Program will also provide referrals and discounts for services such as financial planning.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen sponsors a flexible benefits spending plan for all employees to set aside funds on a pre-tax basis to cover qualified medical expenses and/or child care expenses.

Retirement and Savings

We offer our employees a wealth of investment options through our 401(k) Plan, administered by Mass Mutual. Employees may make contributions to the plan, up to the IRS designated maximum.  Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen matches dollar for dollar the first three percent (3%) deferred by the employee. Our plan provides both a pre-tax 401(k) fund and a Roth 401(k) fund. Additionally, the Allen Law Firm has a Safe Harbor Plan, and employees receive a Safe Harbor contribution of 3% per paycheck towards that plan.

Leave Time (Vacation, Sick, Personal, and Holidays)

Vacation Leave is accrued on a monthly basis, based upon years of service. Our new employees earn 2 weeks of vacation for the year. Employees are encouraged to use their vacation time to rejuvenate themselves.

Sick Leave is also accrued on a monthly basis.  All employees, regardless of length of service or experience, earn 7.5 hours of sick time each month. This sick leave time can be used for the employee's own illness or to care for a family member who is sick.

Employees have the option of using 7.5 hours of sick time for vacation or personal leave January through June, and another 7.5 hours of sick time for vacation or personal leave July through December. Personal days are used from existing sick leave balances, and are not earned or accrued separately.

The Allen Law Firm will close in recognition of the following holidays:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, ½ Day Before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, ½ Day Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Depending on the day of the week on which a recognized holiday falls, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen may close for additional days and time. Additionally all employees receive 2 Floating Holidays annually to cover absences for personal reasons such as religious observances, family events, or to supplement vacation, personal, sick and holiday leave.

Other Benefits & Discounts

The Allen Law Firm also supports our employees by covering the expenses associated with professional memberships, job-related certifications, and fees to maintain Notary Public commissions.

Our employees enjoy discounts on movie tickets, museum admissions, and auto glass repairs, in addition to a variety of free tickets and passes to events that are offered throughout the year.

We encourage our employees to give back to the community. In addition to Firm-sponsored volunteer activities, employees can also take 7.5 hours paid time off each year to do volunteer service of their own choosing.

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Working @ Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen

Work Environment

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen was established as a family firm, and we continue to maintain a family culture in how we treat our clients and how we treat each other.  We continue to look for ways to make sure this is an environment where people want to work and want to stay.

The Allen Law Firm is a place where people find that their professional and personal needs are considered and respected. We recognize that our employees have a life outside of work, and they are encouraged to take the time they need to rest, take a vacation, care for a sick family member, exercise, volunteer in the community, or manage other personal needs. Our full time employees accrue vacation time and sick time. Two personal days are also available, in addition to a generous schedule of holidays.

Flexible Schedules

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen offers employees flexible schedules, whereby our staff can have a start and end time to their work day that meets their needs. For example, one employee may come to work at 7:30 am.  Another employee may start the work day at 9:00 am. Our full time work week is 37.5 hours per week, and we try to keep overtime hours to a minimum.  We have no billable hours recordkeeping requirement, so our staff is not required to track every minute of their day.

Time for Fun

We make time for fun events, and strive to maintain high morale among our staff. A typical workday might find a group of employees in a conference room celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or accomplishment with cake and ice cream. Our employees are also able to enjoy "Friday Flextime" where they can leave up to 4 hours early every other Friday.  We recognize all of our staff on Administrative Professionals Day, as well as each day during Paralegal's Week, with treats and rewards. We also have fun each year at our Firm Family Picnic and Holiday Parties, providing an opportunity for employees to enjoy time with their families.


Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen invests in our staff by providing numerous training opportunities. It starts with our new employees, who are scheduled for a comprehensive orientation program. Their orientation involves time learning about every department from Marketing to Investigations. Training is provided on our case management system and other internal systems and programs.  Before landing at their desk with work assignments, our new employees are well equipped with knowledge of the Firm's history, policies and an understanding of our tools and practices.  We build upon this orientation program by connecting with the new employees throughout their first 90 days.  We make sure they are getting acclimated and have everything they need, including additional training or guidance, to build a foundation for success.

All employees are able to take advantage of regularly scheduled "Brown Bag" training sessions. These hour-long training sessions cover topics ranging from best practices on preparing for a trial to a specific area of law (i.e. medical malpractice).  We schedule those topics based on the needs and suggestions of our employees. Additionally, employees have the opportunity to participate in seminars offered through the financial institutions on personal finances, budgeting, and retirement goals.  Other seminars cover topics related to overall personal health and wellness.

We also provide individual training opportunities for job-specific needs, including seminars, conferences, or workshops offered by educational or professional groups.

Ethical Code of Conduct

Allen & Allen recognizes its responsibility to our clients, members of the firm, suppliers and the community. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of service, integrity and responsibility. Our ethical code of conduct contains a number of principles which apply to everything we do.

Every member of our firm has the responsibility to treat all individuals, fellow employees, clients and others, with respect, dignity, civility and in a non-discriminatory manner. We aim to treat all job applicants and members of the firm equally and we look to recruit and retain diverse talent. The firm is committed to providing opportunities to assist our employees in bettering their job performance, their careers and their lives.


Allen Allen Allen & Allen recognizes that a talented and diverse workforce improves our ability to provide superior client service.  We strive to create an environment in which every person's strengths and abilities are valued and utilized. We also recruit candidates with diverse backgrounds to fill our positions.

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Employee Quotes:

“I have only been with AAAA since the Spring, but in the short time I’ve been here I have felt really welcomed by everyone that I work with.  I was nervous coming from a smaller firm, but I was immediately pulled into a great team atmosphere. I look forward to more opportunities to grow within the firm.”

- Mallory: Legal Assistant/Stafford

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“I have been with the  law firm of Allen & Allen for over 7 years and have watched our company grow and expand while still maintaining the personal touch and feel of a small family oriented firm. The staff and attorneys work hand in hand with one another which makes for an enjoyable work environment and promotes teamwork and friendships which in turn inspires excellence in service for our clients.”

- Ashley: Legal Assistant/Richmond

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"I have worked in many different law firms over the past twenty years and I have found none to compare with Allen & Allen.  Allen & Allen has team oriented employees who work hard for our clients and I feel fortunate to be a part of Allen & Allen and enjoy helping our clients get the best results possible."

- Amanda: Legal Assistant/Richmond

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“I have been with the firm for a number of years and have seen it grow in size but still keep the same family oriented thinking. They have implemented a flexible schedule which is a great benefit for working families. The firm believes that one of its strongest assets is the people who work here and everyone’s role is important to the firm.

The firm does a great deal of giving back to the community and are involved in many community events as well as some of their own community services such as Hometown Heroes and an annual scholarship. I enjoy being involved in the community services since it is a way to continue to help those in the community and give back.”

- Mindy: Legal Assistant/Chesterfield

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"Having worked for several law firms in the Central Virginia area, the generosity of Allen and Allen is unparalleled.  Strong in community activism and the "paying it forward" credo, I am privileged to be a member of this awesome team.  The recent promotion of Hometown Heroes (in celebration of the firm's 100th birthday), The George E. Allen Scholarship Award, The Legal Food Frenzy and United Way of Greater Richmond are just a few examples of the firm's commitment to giving back.  Notwithstanding the firm's mission, "aggressive advocacy for the rights of injured persons consistent with the highest professional standards and maximum client satisfaction," Allen and Allen is an exemplary leader not only in assisting those who have been injured through no fault of their own, but everyone in the community."

- Adair: Legal Assistant/Richmond

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"I have worked at Allen & Allen for 10 years and, and I am proud to tell people that I work here! Everyone works as a team to give our clients the very best representation from the day the case is taken in to the day of settlement. As such, we have many return clients as well as referrals from previous clients.

What better way to serve our community than to give them our very best!

The 10 years that I have worked here have been very rewarding and I am blessed and honored to be here."

- Trish: Legal Assistant/Fredericksburg

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"Thirty years is a long time to work at one place and I have witnessed many changes: office expansion, major increase in staff size and huge technological advances.

Throughout the years one thing has remained constant-Allen and Allen's recognition that its people make the company successful. The firm's goal of providing excellent client service is consistent with the firm's emphasis on staff development. Training does not stop one week after hire; educational sessions are ongoing with relevant classes/roundtables offered on a monthly basis as well as the prospect to attend relevant seminars outside the office.

The Firm's core value that continual education is beneficial not only to our clients but also to its employees in their own professional development is what sets us apart."

- Grace: Auditor/Richmond

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Compensation & Benefits | Working @ Allen & Allen | Diversity | Employee Quotes

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