The Four Most Common Myths About Car Insurance in Virginia

R. Clayton Allen, Personal Injury Attorney

Author: R. Clayton Allen, Personal Injury Attorney

While talking to a client today about their auto insurance, I was reminded of a number of misconceptions and misunderstandings many people have about motor vehicle insurance. Here are the four of the most common:

Myth #1: The better known insurance companies offer better coverage, so it's safer to be with one of those.

The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) Bureau of Insurance issues a form "family automobile insurance policy". (1) All consumer family auto insurance policies sold in Virginia must provide the coverage specified in the form policy. If a policy offers less, Virginia law provides that the policy…

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Fire Extinguisher Recall Affects Millions

R. Clayton Allen, Personal Injury Attorney

Author: R. Clayton Allen, Personal Injury Attorney

Kidde, the world’s largest manufacturer of fire safety equipment, issued a recall in early November, 2017 that includes 37.8 million fire extinguishers with plastic handles or plastic push-buttons manufactured between 1973 and August, 2017.

Models included in this historic recall include most Kidde fire extinguishers rated ABC or BC, the most common varieties purchased by consumers in North America for home use, and which are widely available at home improvement and hardware stores nationwide. Affected models were produced in red, white, or silver, and they can be easily identified by checking the date of manufacture for fire extinguishers…

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The Truth About Auto Safety

Clayton Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Clayton Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Most people believe that if a dangerous safety issue is found with an automobile or other motor vehicle, the manufacturer will take immediate action to notify its customers. Unfortunately, this is not always true. 


In 2010, Brooke Melton died in a crash caused by the sudden failure of the ignition in her 2005 Chevy Cobalt. Melton was 29 years old. She died when she skidded into another vehicle after the ignition module of her 2005 Cobalt slipped into the accessory position. Documents and evidence developed in the Melton case showed that GM knew about the ignition switch problem as early as 2001 – almost a decade earlier.  


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Educating Teen Drivers and Their Parents During Teen Driver Safety Week

R. Clayton Allen, Mechanicsville, Va Personal Injury Attorney

Clayton Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teen drivers ages 15 to 19. In 2015, there were 2,333 teen drivers involved in fatal crashes and an estimated 100,000 teens were injured. [1] In other words, an average of six teens die every day from motor vehicle injuries. This age range coincides with the age most Americans begin driving. However, a study determined that only 25% of parents engage in a meaningful dialogue with their children concerning the dangers associated with driving. [2]

Parents can help improve teen driver safety

Led by the National Highway traffic…

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What it Means to be an Allen - VIDEO

Scott D. Fitzgerald, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Lawyer

Author: Scott D. Fitzgerald, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Lawyer

I have always wanted to be a trial attorney at the Allen Law Firm. When I was a child, the reason was simple: I wanted to be like my grandfather. Over the years, I have only found more reasons, and my desire to be a trial lawyer at the Allen firm has not wavered.

As the first of the fourth generation of Allen family members to join the firm, I am proud to carry on the traditions and legacy that my grandfather, his two brothers, and his father began years ago.


Our Founder

My great-grandfather, George E. Allen, founded the firm in 1910 in Lunenburg County, Virginia as a solo practitioner. George E. Allen…

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What’s in a Name? Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen!

George E. Allen Sr.

Almost weekly, we receive questions about the firm’s name: Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen.

The name of the firm actually refers to the founders of the firm: George E. Allen, Sr. and his three sons, Wilbur Allen, Ashby Allen and George Allen, Jr. Founded in 1910, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen is the oldest and largest personal injury law firms in Virginia.

Today the Firm’s 30+ attorneys include the 3rd and 4th generation of the Allen family in addition to personal injury attorneys and Partners who are not members of the Allen family. Because the family legacy lives on, the name remains today. While in conversation, “Allen & Allen” is used, the full name of “Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen” continues as a tribute to the…

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What should I do with my car after an accident?


Clayton Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney


Regardless of whether or not you have been severely injured, there is always much confusion regarding what happens to your car after an accident. You may be asking yourself some of the following questions.

Should I contact my insurance company? Should I contact the other drivers' insurance company? Where do I take my car to have it repaired? What should I do if I was injured in the accident?

Attorney Clayton Allen answers these questions and others surrounding what to do about the damage to your car after an accident.

1. Contact the other persons insurance company

If you were not at-fault in the accident, contact…

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The Danger of Drowsy Driving

Author: R. Clayton Allen, Mechanicsville, Va Personal Injury Attorney

Distracted driving is responsible for a large number of motor accidents, which is why many state legislatures have passed laws prohibiting texting and driving.  Speeding, reckless driving, improper equipment, and poor maintenance also cause many collisions, and there are laws against all of these.  However, another frequent cause of accidents is driving when a driver is drowsy.  

Remaining alert is critical to being able to respond quickly and to properly handle a car, truck, bus or other motor vehicle.  Recent serious crashes in the national news involving buses where a drowsy driver is suspected to be a cause have highlighted…

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New Protection for Claimants Injured in Motor Vehicle Collisions Who Have Health Insurance


Author:  R. Clayton Allen, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in a car crash, and have both motor vehicle insurance with medical payments coverage and also have health insurance, a new Virginia law that took effect on July 1, 2013, may give you additional benefits and protection.  This new statute will impact claimants and their health insurance carriers, as well as hospitals and doctors’ billing departments.  To understand how you may be affected, you first need to understand the interplay between health insurance and motor vehicle insurance under Virginia law.

People who are injured in a motor vehicle crash and taken to the hospital emergency room often sign…

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Safe Driving Tips for the Holidays

R. Clayton Allen, Mechanicsville, Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

Author: R. Clayton Allen, Mechanicsville, Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

With the end of the year holidays upon us, bringing inevitably heavy traffic and , congested highways, a little preparation can help avoid a calamitous and even tragic incident. At this time of year, the roads are full of drivers who are stressed, frustrated, anxious, distracted, or all of these. Here are some suggestions of what you should do before you even leave your house:

PLAN YOUR TRIP: Check traffic reports and weather forecasts before you leave. Bring a paper map, in case your GPS or smartphone are out of range, out of minutes, or out of charge. You may want to have an alternate route planned in advance. PREPARE…

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