Getting Medical Treatment for Your Injuries If You Are Uninsured

Bridget N. Long, Petersburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Bridget N. Long, Petersburg, VA Personal Injury Attorney

If you are uninsured, getting medical care for everyday illnesses and routine checkups can be difficult.  If you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, whether it be in a car wreck, a fall or other personal injury, getting the medical care you need to treat your injuries can also be difficult without health insurance. 

Immediately after an accident, an injured person is often taken to the hospital emergency room. You may go in an ambulance or be driven by a friend or loved one. You will receive treatment by the ambulance and the emergency room regardless of whether you have health insurance.  What happens next is often more…

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Hepatitis A Linked To Virginia Tropical Smoothie Cafés

Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has reported an increase in hepatitis A cases that may be linked to smoothies from Virginia Tropical Smoothie Café restaurants.[1] According to the VDH, the source of this hepatitis A outbreak is most likely frozen strawberries imported from Egypt.[2]

Hepatitis A is a viral infection that affects the liver.[3] This highly contagious disease is most often spread by contaminated food or water.[4] Symptoms usually develop 15-50 days after an individual is exposed to the virus and include jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite,…

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Virginia General Assembly Passes New Law to Protect Cyclists

Scott D. Fitzgerald, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Lawyer

Author: Scott D. Fitzgerald, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Lawyer

In 2014, over 100 million Americans aged 3 and older rode a bicycle at least once. Cycling is considered to be the 7th most popular recreational activity in the U.S.[1] Unfortunately, 743 cyclists were killed and approximately 48,000 more were injured in crashes involving motor vehicles in the United States in 2013, figures which have steadily increased since 2010.[2] In Virginia alone, there were eight cyclist fatalities and 740 injuries in the same year.[3]

Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities on Virginia roadways as motorists. Virginia law states, “[e]very person riding a bicycle on a highway shall be subject to…

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Nominations and the U.S. Supreme Court

Tammy S. Ruble, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Tammy S. Ruble, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

The unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13, 2016 created an opening on the United States Supreme Court. It didn’t take long for politicians to weigh in on what should be done to fill the empty seat. Generally speaking, Republicans felt that President Obama should leave the selection of the next justice to his successor in office, even though that would mean leaving the position open. Democrats, on the other hand, insisted that the position should not go unfilled for such a lengthy time. This situation represents an unclear dilemma for which the U. S. Constitution, unfortunately, doesn’t provide clear guidance.


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Six Allen & Allen Attorneys Listed in Best Lawyers in America

Six Allen & Allen Attorneys Listed in Best Lawyers in America

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen is proud to announce that six (6) of its attorneys have been named to the 2017 edition of Best Lawyers in America, the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession.  The attorneys are Edward L. Allen, W. Coleman Allen, Jr., P. Christopher Guedri, Jason W. Konvicka, Malcolm P. McConnell, III, and Derrick L. Walker.

Inclusion in Best Lawyers is considered a high honor due to the rigorous and transparent methodology used by Best Lawyers, and because lawyers are not required or allowed to pay a fee to be listed. First published in 1983, Best Lawyers is based on an expansive annual peer-review survey.…

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Protecting Older Adults from the Risk of Fires and Burns

John G.

Author: John G. "Jack" Berry, Charlottesville, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Fire safety and burn prevention targeting children understandably receive a lot of attention, but it is important to remember that adults can be involved in high-risk burn injuries, too. Regular adult activities like cooking and grilling can be the cause of serious burn injuries.[1]  To prevent injuries, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with these activities and to follow some simple safety tips. 

Activities that lead to burn injuries can also increase the risk of fires. Grease fires or placing flammable objects too close to stoves can lead to serious burns and fires resulting in fatalities. [2]  Adults…

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Snapchat’s Speed Filter: Another Danger on the Road?

Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond, VA Product Liability Attorney

Author: Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Snapchat is a social media application that users can download on their smartphones or tablets to take temporary pictures and share them with friends. Users can set time limits (up to ten seconds) on an image and send to certain friends, and those friends will be able to view the image for that period of time. Users can also send short videos which disappear after the video has ended. Snapchat has added new filters to the app, one of which displays the speed at which the user taking the picture or video is traveling.[1]

Where most filters alter the image by changing its color or adding a location to the picture, the speed filter…

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Signs and Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Tara L. Umbrino, Stafford, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Tara L. Umbrino, Stafford, VA Personal Injury Attorney

We all know that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But did you know that where there’s water, there’s mold?

Water can get into your home many different ways.  A burst pipe.  A leaky roof.  Flooding after rain.  And when water settles in the house, mold will start to grow.

What is mold?

You might think of some old food in the back of the refrigerator when you hear the word mold, but it occurs in more locations than you would think.  Mold, like pollen or dust, is a natural part of the air that we breathe on a daily basis.  It can be a problem for people who are more sensitive or allergic to mold, or when there is a high concentration…

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Data Shows Traffic Deaths are on the Rise

David M. Williams, Fredericksburg Personal Injury Attorney

Author: David M. Williams, Jr., Stafford Personal Injury Attorney

The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released its latest estimate of traffic deaths. The 2016 announcement was sobering. It showed a 9.3% increase in traffic fatalities in the first nine months of 2015 compared to 2014 figures. The most significant increases came for pedestrians and bicyclists. [1]

According to this NHTSA report, an estimated 26,000 people died in motor vehicle collisions during the first nine months of 2015, a large increase when compared to 23,796 deaths in the first nine months of 2014. The regions that saw the biggest jumps in traffic…

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The Dangers of Pokémon GO

Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond, VA Product Liability Attorney

Author: Jason W. Konvicka, Richmond, VA Product Liability Attorney

The new smartphone gaming app, Pokémon GO, may be to blame for your child’s renewed interest in the outdoors. Although it is an interactive game, players still have to stare at their smartphone screens to play. So, make sure that your children are not too distracted by the game to pay attention to their surroundings.

What is Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is an interactive game that encourages players to go outside and collect the game’s fictional animals known as “Pokémon.”[1] To find the Pokémon, the player must look at a real world map.[2] The Pokémon randomly pop up near the player and the player has to catch them.[3] The map also…

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