Policy limits reduce recovery from head, shoulder injuries $289,217 Settlement

Published: September 27, 2010
Por Abogados de Virginia semanalmente

The plaintiff’s vehicle was broadsided when the defendant ran a stop sign. Negotiation with Erie took awhile, and asset check and possibilities of other recovery were thorough. [10-T-142]

Tipo de acción: Lesión personal
Lesiones alegadas: Wrist fracture, cheek bone fracture, eye socket fracture, shoulder separation and concussion
Nombre del caso: Jennifer Saul v. Eric Hawkins
Daños especiales: $137,000 but vastly reduced by Medicaid; mostly emergency room costs
Veredicto o acuerdo: Asentamiento
Monto: $289,217.57 (There was a $300,000 Single Limits Policy, the rest went to property damage )
Fecha: July 27, 2010
Demanda: Coverage, there was no UIM, or usable assets
Oferta más alta: $300,000 overall, eventually, including the property damage
Experts: Multiple ER doctors at Mary Washington Hospital; Dr. David Franz; Health South Rehab
Compañía de seguros: Erie
Abogado del demandante: Douglas A. Barry, Fredericksburg and Richmond

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