$47,500,000 for a commercial trucking case

The Allen Law Firm has made Virginia history, securing the largest single-plaintiff settlement at $47.5 million dollars.

The accident involved a young person injured in an automobile accident through no fault of their own. The defendant lost control of the commercial vehicle they were operating, causing them to cross the highway median. Our client was then struck, along with their family.

The injuries were catastrophic. Among other impairments not mentioned, they sustained: traumatic brain injury, a burst fracture of their fourth thoracic vertebrae, a functional severance of their spinal cord at that level, and paraplegia as a result of these injuries. The plaintiff had substantial medical expenses. The total had amounted to approximately $1.2 million at the date of mediation. The plaintiff’s injury required an extensive Life Care Plan, with a present value of approximately $8 million.

Because of the compassionate advocacy on behalf of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, our plaintiff will experience an improved quality of life.

Prior to this incident, the largest personal injury case involving a single plaintiff in Virginia was resolved for $30 million dollars.  As the case was resolved on terms of strict confidentiality, we are not at liberty to share further information.

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