Should I talk to an attorney if I've been injured in a tractor-trailer accident?

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident involving a tractor-trailer and the accident wasn’t your fault, you should consult a trucking accident attorney immediately. The same is true if you have a relative who was killed in an accident with a large truck.

Courtney Allen Van Winkle

You need someone on your side from the very beginning to protect your rights, to investigate and preserve critical evidence, to help you navigate the medical world as you undergo what may be a slow recovery, and to give you practical advice about how to deal with everyday life in the face of serious injuries.

It is not uncommon for trucking company representatives to suggest you don’t need an attorney. They say they will be happy to work with you to resolve your case fairly so long as you don’t hire a lawyer. They may even give you advice about what doctors to see and what medical care to avoid because it is expensive. However, while they are telling you all of this, the statute of limitations on your case is running and evidence is disappearing.

Remember, the trucking company is not looking out for your interests. It is not the trucking company or its insurance company’s job to pay you what your case is worth. Their job is to minimize their payout. An experienced tractor-trailer accident attorney can properly guide you and help protect your interests.

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