Tractor-trailer crash – $23 million jury verdict

Allen & Allen secured a $23 million verdict in the Jones vs. Moen trial. This case involved a collision between two tractor-trailers on I-295 in Virginia. The plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost a leg.

A truck owned by Moen Inc. had stopped for nine minutes in the emergency lane of I-295 before pulling out into the right traffic lane at 25 miles per hour. The plaintiff’s big rig slammed into the truck at about 55 mph. He had no recollection of the accident.

Allen & Allen attorneys and investigators were able to establish how the crash occurred using data from global positioning and electronic control modules on the defendant’s rig.

The case was tried before a City of Richmond jury and resulted in a verdict for $23 million. Richmond Circuit Judge Melvin Hughes denied defense motions to set aside or reduce the award. Though Moen filed an appeal in the Supreme Court of Virginia, Allen & Allen attorneys were able to settle the case on confidential terms prior to the writ panel hearing.

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Edward L. Allen
When my wife and I were driving, we were T-boned by an 18-wheeler. She had two traumatic brain injuries and can’t remember the accident.  But I do, and I still think about how lucky we are to be alive. We have too many injuries to name, but Kristy suffered lung contusions, a broken humerus,...
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