The firm told me they would help me as best they could, and they kept that promise. We were in nonstop communication throughout the case, every time they had new information. I was never out of the loop.  When my case went to trial, I felt like I didn’t have anything to worry about, even when the other attorney tried twisting the case. They made it clear to the jury what really happened. My advice to someone would be to let Allen & Allen take care of your case. This is what they do every day and they were great. They protected me.   Ronald from Unionville
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$4,683,500 settlement for a tractor-trailer crash

The plaintiff was driving from Ohio, where she lived, to visit family in Virginia. At around 4:20 am, the tractor-trailer accident took place on Interstate 81 South in Virginia. The defendant was driving a 66 foot-long tractor-trailer, and was under the impression that he had missed his exit. Rather than taking the next exit one-quarter…
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$3,750,000 settlement in wrongful death tractor-trailer case

Wrongful Death – Tractor-Trailer Accident Type of Action: Wrongful Death Location: Confidential Verdict or Settlement: Settlement Amount: $3,750,000 The decedent was a 60-year-old man who was killed instantly in a tractor-trailer collision. He was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer, then pushed into the rear of another tractor-trailer, causing his vehicle to combust. Information from the engine…
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$22,000,000 settlement for catastrophic injuries

Type of case: Catastrophic injury, trucking Court: Richmond Circuit Court Verdict: $22,000,000 Attorney Jason Konvicka was part of a legal team that secured $22 million dollars for a family whose young son was catastrophically injured by a dump truck. The 12-year-old plaintiff was a rear-seat passenger of a vehicle traveling in the left lane I-95…
My name is Carl W. Zugelter. I am an attorney practicing personal injury and wrongful death law in southwestern Ohio. I have been in practice since 1975. On November 24, 2017, a client was involved in a serious collision with a semi-trailer in Virginia. I was referred by one of Ohio’s top personal injury lawyers to Jason Konvicka at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen to act as co-counsel. From my first contact with the office, Jason and his team moved swiftly to preserve evidence and position the case for trial. Besides preserving the evidence, Jason worked meticulously to assemble a team of experts that clearly established the seriousness of our client’s injuries and the liability of the defendants. He worked efficiently to obtain a timely trial date and thus brought the case to an early mediation. I observed Jason’s work both at the depositions and mediation and it was excellent. Because of his skillful work and presentation, we resolved this case with a substantial settlement gratifying to my client. Given the facts, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen’s performance via Jason exceeded expectations. Working as co-counsel with Jason and his firm was truly a pleasure. Carl from Cincinnati
I want to thank my attorney Jason Konvicka for all of his patience, expertise, and professional handling of my case. He put me at ease about meeting with the other parties’ attorneys. Also, he was sensitive to the emotional and physical trauma I experienced as a result of the automobile crash. My husband and I so appreciate him working with us and reaching a settlement with the parties responsible for the wreck. I do not wish anyone else to have to go through a settlement. However, I will always recommend Jason and Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen to anyone needing legal services. Keep up the great work you are doing. Mae from Henrico
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Choosing an attorney for your truck or tractor-trailer accident case

The choice of a truck accident attorney is a serious decision that can have major implications for your case and your future. But in our modern world, advertising permeates our lives and it seems as though every firm claims you are surely doomed if you choose another to handle your case. How then, should you…
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Could certain laws affect my tractor-trailer accident case?

There are state and federal laws and regulations that apply specifically to commercial truck drivers or tractor-trailer drivers and the trucking companies that employ them. These laws and regulations can sometimes hold the key to a successful outcome in your case. This means your attorney must be familiar with the rules in order to handle…