Yard Cleanup Tips for a Safe Season

Many of us will have family and friends joining us to celebrate the upcoming holidays. While our yards may look festive with the seasonal transformation, there may be hazards lying beneath the brilliant leaves blanketing our lawns.

Outdoor cleanup is a necessary part of the cooling season. You wouldn’t want your Thanksgiving shadowed by an injury to you or your family, especially one that could have been prevented through careful maintenance of your yard!

When tidying your property this month, be sure to pay special attention to danger-prone areas by adding these tips to your do-do list:

  • Rake leaves – This activity is fun for the kids, but it also is essential as fallen leaves may cover holes in your yard, roots, and toys that may cause tripping risks. If you have a garden during the warmer seasons, save your pile of leaves in a compost heap that you can spread on your patch when the spring comes.
  • Clean out your gutters – Flooding is the last thing you want with the cold November rain. Take the time to clean out your gutters so that the rain can come and go without harming your property.
  • Pick up debris – Make your yard neat and tidy by collecting fallen branches, leaves, and litter. This will also prevent pests from living in your yard and discourage them from trying to get into your home.
  • Clean and put away your tools – Don’t negate all of your hard work by leaving your cleanup tools out as hazards in the yard or where children may be able to reach them. Making sure they are properly cleaned and stored will also help to ensure that they can be used for the rest of this season and for many more after.
  • Trim and prune – Cut back shrubs and sickly or overgrown tree limbs so there is no danger of them falling in a strong wind. Simple tree maintenance could prevent branches or limbs from crashing down and injuring someone or damaging your house and car.

Above all, remember to be careful while cleaning up your lawn. Make sure you don’t risk a physical injury through pulled muscles, heavy machinery, or the dangers that come with climbing ladders. Have a cleanup partner, dress appropriately, take breaks, and don’t be embarrassed to stretch and warm up – yard work is a workout!

If you follow these steps, you can help your yard look festive while boosting the safety for all of your holiday guests this season.