Why Clients Choose Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen – A Virginia Personal Injury Law Firm

People are occasionally surprised to learn why most of our clients come to the Allen Law firm and seek our personal injury attorneys to represent them.

While it is true that people select our law firm to represent them for personal injury claims for a variety of reasons, one reason stands out.  Most people tell us they chose Allen and Allen because a former or present client of our law firm recommended us to them.  People don’t plan to be in accidents, so usually they find themselves unexpectedly in need of an attorney to represent them for their injuries.  Since the Allen Law Firm handles only personal injury claims on behalf of innocently injured victims, we are certainly an appropriate choice given our years of experience and the compelling fact that all of our resources are devoted to securing the best possible result for all of our clients.

Yet, how do people learn about Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen when they have never needed our services before?  As you might expect, when injured a person typically turns to friends, family members, and co-workers for advice and that is where most of our present clients come from; referrals from former clients who are asked by someone recently injured who would be best to represent them.

Of course we have clients come to us for other reasons as well.  For example, other professionals, including attorneys and physicians, will recommend us.  Additionally, our marketing will sometimes lead clients to us, through our television commercials, websites, or the community service projects which we sponsor.  Despite these efforts, we are very pleased that the majority of our clients choose Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen because clients we have represented in the past believe strongly enough in the service we provided to them that they recommend us to their friends, family members, and co-workers in their time of need.  Being in the third generation of Allen family members with the law firm, I have even had the pleasure and privilege of representing people whose family members were helped by my father – and sometimes even my grandfather – in years past.

About the Author: Charles Allen is a Richmond car accident lawyer with the Richmond personal injury law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen. He has handled injury cases for Virginians for more than 25 years. Mr. Allen works on cases primarily from the Richmond, Mechanicsville and Short Pump offices.