Website Launched to Help Educate the Public by the Virginia Supreme Court

The attorneys at the Allen Law Firm provide free initial consultations to help people know their rights and make a decision on whether to hire an attorney or handle the matter on their own. Our contingency fee agreements allow the injured party to seek justice without having to pay an attorney on an hourly basis. This allows more injured persons to obtain the justice they deserve. The Virginia Supreme Court set up the Access to Justice Commission, hoping to give more people access to the civil justice system. The Commission created a website,, to answer commonly asked questions by people who are trying to defend themselves. In addition, website addresses have been provided for other helpful locations, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles for driver’s license questions.

For persons who cannot afford legal services or those who want to represent themselves, this website helps aim them in the right direction. The website has organized the information to make it user friendly. One can use their smartphone, tablet or desk top computer to understand legal terms used and learn procedures on handling their case. Under the frequently asked questions there are 16 sections. Several sections should help court personnel by reducing the questions they receive.  These sections are on traffic cases, child custody, visitation and support, marriage, divorce and changing a last name, and wills.

While the website covers numerous topics, the more difficult cases will require hiring an attorney. As the disclaimer on the site states, this is neutral advice and does not take the place of an attorney and the legal advice an attorney can provide. In addition, your local clerk’s office may have procedures that are not on this site.

For the initial launch, this website compiled an impressive amount of information to educate the public on many topics. This site  will save the user time by not having to search multiple websites for the same information.

About The Author: Melinda South has been a lawyer with Allen & Allen for almost 30 years. She is an experienced legal researcher, assisting in the preparation of firm briefs and legal directives.