Personal Injury Testimonial | Malcolm P. McConnell, III | Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer | Allen & Allen

Vicki from Columbia, VA

I was referred by another lawyer in Charlottesville. A friend told to contact Mr. Greene and if he didn’t handle medical malpractice he would refer me to someone who did. He connected me with Mic McConnell and Mic came to Charlottesville to me and my two children.

I have never quite met anyone like Mr. McConnell. He was very knowledgeable but also very down to earth. He and his legal assistant, Linda, kept me informed during the whole process. Mic and Linda talked me through everything – every step of the way. In the beginning, Mic explained it was very hard to prove a medical malpractice case and the firm would need to do an investigation. A little before Thanksgiving he called to tell me that he would be able to take my case. That was bittersweet – I was really hoping the doctors had done everything they could for my husband but it turns out they had not.

Once Mic took my case, he explained what was happening at every step. Every time I called with questions, they answered them and did not act like it was bothersome or a burden. They were open and honest with me throughout the case and let me know what to expect. I don’t know what I would have done without Linda’s support. Even though I didn’t meet her in person until right before the depositions, I felt like I really knew her as a person from our interactions on the phone.

I was very happy with the outcome. I wasn’t doing it for the money, I was doing it for the principle, but I was very happy with the result. I would certainly refer anyone in need to Mic McConnell and Allen & Allen.