Troy from Richmond

My wife and I were sitting still in traffic on a motorcycle when we were run over from behind. My wife was in the hospital for three weeks. I was released after three days but needed a caretaker at my home.  When I told my supervisor at work about the accident, I asked if he could recommend a lawyer. He did some research and called me back to recommend Jason Konvicka. He was impressed with Jason’s accolades and the professional groups he is a part of.

After my initial meeting with Jason, I was impressed with how much time he spent with me listening to the details of my accident and understanding our situation. I waited a couple of days to make the decision – I wanted to be able to discuss the meeting with my wife and she was still hurt very badly. It became clear during that short time that there was no way we could navigate the insurance issues and legalities on our own.

From the beginning, Jason was extremely candid, setting realistic expectations and laying out the process for us. His expectations were right on the money.

I was really impressed with the whole team. They were quick to respond to questions and requests. I have never encountered an attorney like Jason – an elite attorney who would talk to me when I needed to talk, even if it meant doing so during his children’s football games.

Prior to this experience, I viewed attorneys, especially accident attorneys, in a negative way. Jason showed me that there are professionals in the field who go above and beyond to help their clients recover and make the best of a terrible experience.

Jason and his team thought of angles and approaches that we could never have come up with on our own. Without their advice, we would not have had access to the options they brought forward. We will certainly refer anyone in need of a personal injury attorney to Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen.