Traumatic brain injury – $500,000

Location: Ashland
Verdict: $500,000

The plaintiff was working at a plant in Ashland, when he was struck by a large door that had fallen from the ceiling. Though on his original doctor visit he was prescribed medication and told to rest, the plaintiff’s condition continued to deteriorate.

Simple tasks had become complicated and he had trouble word-finding. His headaches had become so severe that his blood pressure surged, with medical professionals acknowledging that his levels were elevated enough to put him on the verge of a stroke. The plaintiff began to suffer seizures, tremors, and emotional outbursts that he was unable to control. Those close to him noticed the marked change in his personality.

Neurologists and doctors originally met the plaintiff’s issues with doubt. Attorney Edward Allen helped the plaintiff by connecting him with a brain injury specialist, and getting numerous depositions from medical professionals. The case was settled for $500,000.