Testimonial - Thaddeus from Ferrum

Testimonial - Thaddeus from Ferrum

The guidance and support I received from Chris Toepp during the last two years has been beyond any of my expectations. His knowledge of the correct path forward and his ability to explain the legal process enabled me to move past the trauma I experienced from my automobile accident. Chris is the best possible person I could ever have advocating for me, and I’m extremely grateful to him for everything he did.

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Edward Allen

Testimonial: Kristie and Amanda

Edward L. Allen
When my wife and I were driving, we were T-boned by an 18-wheeler. She had two traumatic brain injuries and can’t remember the accident.  But I do, and I still think about how lucky we are to be alive. We have too many injuries to name, but Kristy suffered lung contusions, a broken humerus,...
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Tractor-trailer crash – $23 million jury verdict

Allen & Allen secured a $23 million verdict in the Jones vs. Moen trial. This case involved a collision between two tractor-trailers on I-295 in Virginia. The plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost a leg. A truck owned by Moen Inc. had stopped for nine minutes in the emergency lane of I-295...