Testimonial – Carl from Cincinnati

My name is Carl W. Zugelter. I am an attorney practicing personal injury and wrongful death law in southwestern Ohio. I have been in practice since 1975. On November 24, 2017, a client was involved in a serious collision with a semi-trailer in Virginia. I was referred by one of Ohio’s top personal injury lawyers to Jason Konvicka at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen to act as co-counsel. From my first contact with the office, Jason and his team moved swiftly to preserve evidence and position the case for trial. Besides preserving the evidence, Jason worked meticulously to assemble a team of experts that clearly established the seriousness of our client’s injuries and the liability of the defendants. He worked efficiently to obtain a timely trial date and thus brought the case to an early mediation. I observed Jason’s work both at the depositions and mediation and it was excellent. Because of his skillful work and presentation, we resolved this case with a substantial settlement gratifying to my client. Given the facts, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen’s performance via Jason exceeded expectations. Working as co-counsel with Jason and his firm was truly a pleasure. Carl from Cincinnati

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Tractor-trailer crash – $23 million jury verdict

Allen & Allen secured a $23 million verdict in the Jones vs. Moen trial. This case involved a collision between two tractor-trailers on I-295 in Virginia. The plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost a leg. A truck owned by Moen Inc. had stopped for nine minutes in the emergency lane of I-295...
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Testimonial: Christopher

I would refer Allen & Allen to all those injured in an accident. They took an extremely unpleasant event and turned it into a stress-free process. They remained in contact with me and checked on my progress. I truly believe they were concerned for my health and valued me as a client. They took...