Tips for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is a fun, exciting time of year, especially for children.  It can also be a scary time – accidents and injuries can happen, even during all of the activities and excitement.[1]  To keep Halloween safe for everybody, follow some basic safety tips.[2]

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

  1. Always trick-or-treat with a group, never alone.[3]
  2. Carry a flashlight to make sure drivers can see you.[4]
  3. Applying reflective tape to costumes or treat bags can also help make you visible in the dark.[5]
  4. Walk while trick-or-treating.[6] Running in costumes can cause tripping, falling, and other accidents.[7]
  5. Be careful crossing streets, and always look both ways before crossing a street.[8]
  6. Stay on sidewalks and out of the street as much as possible.[9]

Halloween Costume Safety

It may seem silly, but costumes can be the cause of Halloween mishaps and accidents too. To make sure costumes are safe, always test face paint and costume makeup before applying it, and make sure to remove makeup and face paint before bed to avoid any irritation or infections. Also make sure that costumes are not flammable or a fire hazard — jack-o-lantern candles could be bad news for a mummy wrapped in toilet paper.[10] Finally, make sure that masks and other face items leave plenty of room to see.[11]

Halloween Candy Safety

It is also important to make sure all trick-or-treat candy is safe for children to eat.[12] Parents should discourage children from eating candy while out trick-or-treating (feed them a good dinner, so they are less tempted to snack on candy) so that the candy haul can be inspected at the end of the night.[13]  Look out for wrapper tears and anything unusual or suspicious about the candy.[14]  Parents should throw away any suspicious candy.[15] Parents should also beware of hard candy that can be a choking hazard for younger children.[16]  If a child has food allergies, such as nut allergies or peanut allergies, parents should be extra-vigilant to ensure that the candy is appropriate for their child.

Halloween is a fun holiday and is best enjoyed with friends and family – not in the hospital.  Observing these simple tips can help to keep Halloween fun for everyone.

About the Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle is a partner and personal injury attorney in Richmond with Allen & Allen. She has been ranked in Virginia Super Lawyers, which include only 5% of attorneys in Virginia. With a career spanning more than 20 years, Courtney has handled personal injury cases involving catastrophic injurybrain injury and even wrongful death in Richmond, VA and across the state.

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