Debbie from Locust Grove, VA

In the event I need an attorney to handle a personal injury case, I would definitely turn to the Law Offices of Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen.  There is no doubt in my mind that Allen and Allen is a most highly respected, honest, successful, and experienced law firm in the state of Virginia.

Edward Allen agreed to take my case after the default of a Northern VA Law Firm.  My case was only a couple of weeks out of the of the statute of limitations deadline.  Immediately, Edward Allen restructured my case with evidence, contacted parties involved, contacted my doctors, surgeons, witnesses and worked endless hours, examined detailed paperwork and followed my care, all on my behalf.  The Defense was not willing to cover my medical expenses and wanted to minimize my injuries.  Mr. Allen knew what to expect, particularly in a trial case and prepared me in advance for what would happen during my trial.

Edward Allen won my case and the person responsible for my injuries has been made accountable.  Due to the expertise of Edward Allen, I no longer worry, when I’m ready for surgery – that I’ll lose everything I’ve acquired over the years to medical expenses and recovery caused by the negligence of someone else.