Terri from Fredericksburg

I came to Allen & Allen after a friend highly recommended Kathleen Smith. My friend and I are both massage therapists, so our hands and bodies are very important to our jobs. Thankfully, Kathleen knew that crucial background after her handling of my friend’s case.

Kathleen was a wonderful listener and was great at explaining the process and stages of the case. My case took about four years before going to court, partly because my treatment took a long time. Kathleen was patient the whole way, and always kept me informed.

Kathleen was incredible throughout the case. She was understanding and always available. Lori, Kathleen’s legal assistant, and I talked a lot. There was always someone there to talk no matter what. I always felt that someone knew my case and could answer my questions.

Kathleen called me a few weeks before my trial and asked if I minded having another attorney come on the case. I was very excited about that as it was double the ideas and double the power! That attorney was Emily Smith, and I am very grateful for her and am very glad she came on my case. I got to where I am because of Emily and Kathleen’s guidance.

I hope I never need Allen & Allen again, but I will call them if I do. They fought very hard for me and were really wonderful people.