Tanza | Allen and Allen

Tanza from Richmond

I was doing my disabled father’s laundry at the laundromat and was crossing the parking lot when I was struck by a car. The person that hit me drove off and we never found out who I was. I was in a lot of pain and had to miss work for three days. When I tried to go back to work I couldn’t even walk, so I went back to the doctor. Trying to get better was a long process.

I was referred to Trent Kerns through one of his former clients. When I first met with him, he was uplifting and assured me he would do everything he could for me. I had never had a lawyer before, but I felt calm leaving our first meeting. I would call Trent with any questions I had after that meeting. If he didn’t answer immediately, he would call me back a few minutes later.

We ended up going to trial and attorney Chris Jones came onto the case right before the trial. Trent and Chris made me feel comfortable throughout the trial. I was nervous beforehand, but Trent walked me though it and gave me a copy of my deposition to review.

When the jury came back, I was so shocked in a good way! I would of course refer people to Trent, Chris, and Allen & Allen!