Stephen from Rockville, VA

My mother actually had a case with Trent Kerns at Allen & Allen first. She recommended me to come here. Trent Kerns was my first attorney. He really helped me at the start. When Courtney Van Winkle took over my case it was a great experience as well. My accident was a very scary situation. During my case, it was tough listening to the defendant’s side of the story. The deposition was really hard for me- It was hard to see him sitting there. I had to relive my accident and that was the hardest part. If it wasn’t for Courtney, I wouldn’t have been able to get through it. Scott Fitzgerald was also involved in my case. He worked with Courtney on my behalf during the case and helped prepare me and help pull me through.

Trent, Courtney and their team did a wonderful job and I appreciate what they’ve done for me. When the offers started to come in, Courtney helped me make the right decisions. She and her legal assistant, Chris, were very supportive of me. Courtney would explain stuff to me along the way. Everything was explained well and they always had an answer for me. Chris always checked in and asked how I was doing. There was a lot of waiting on the insurance companies, but in the end everything worked out really well.

I don’t think I could ask for better help than what I got. I was definitely pleased with the outcome of my case. It’s going to be a long road to 100% recovery, but I am on the way. I really enjoyed my time working with Courtney, and Trent. I appreciate what they’ve done. Meeting everyone at Allen & Allen along the way was cool – everyone always checked in on me. I’d recommend them to anybody. I’d definitely send anyone their way. They did such a wonderful job.