Simple steps to help your personal injury case

Simple steps to help your personal injury case

Fredericksburg, VA personal injury attorney Christopher J. Toepp explains how clients and their attorneys are a team, and that effort from both sides increases the probability of maximizing the results in personal injury cases.

Our priorities in a personal injury case

My number one goal is to get the best results possible for my clients. In my mind, that means working together. Many of my clients ask “What can I do to help my personal injury case?”

Following your doctor’s advice is the most important thing you can do to maximize the results of your personal injury case. In the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision, when you’re injured, you may see a variety of medical doctors: the emergency room, physical therapists, your primary care doctor, chiropractors, even specialists. Each of those doctors will give you specific advice on what to do to recover faster and more fully. It’s important that you follow this advice.

Keep your attorney informed throughout the process

The second thing you can do to maximize the value of your personal injury case is notify your attorney when anything changes. If your doctors have recommended you seek another opinion or see another provider, or if you’ve reached maximum medical improvement or healed, it’s important to notify your attorney immediately so that we can move your case forward as soon as possible.

As your personal injury lawyer, we’re on the same team; I’m an advocate for you. We can help to maximize the value of your personal injury case by following a few simple steps and working together.

About the Speaker: Chris Toepp is a personal injury lawyer dedicated to helping people who have been injured by the negligence of others. He is experienced in handling personal injury cases involving car crashes. Chris works in the Fredericksburg, Virginia office of Allen & Allen and serves clients across Northern and Central Virginia.