Shannon from Richmond, VA

I first chose Allen & Allen because of the warm welcome and understanding I received when I called to inquire about what options I had regarding my case. We were fortunate that Jamie took the case. Jamie immediately began working on my case as soon as I met with him. Jamie made sure that I was included and aware of all communication with the adjuster. He was completely honest with me when I asked the value of my case and with the direction I should go with the offer. It took longer than expected for the insurance company to respond back once we decided to accept the offer. I was emailing and calling Jamie almost every day. Both Jamie and Marilyn were both so patient and always responded to me. They never brushed me off.

My family and I were very happy working with Jamie. He never tried to pressure us to go another direction and we never felt that he was only after a commission. He had our best interest in mind and accepted our decision. We had several hurdles to cross with the insurance company and with Jamie’s knowledge everything went very smoothly. I wasn’t just a case number to Jamie. He showed a genuine concern for me and my family. We were satisfied with the outcome of our case. Jamie was very professional and honest. I will definitely refer others to consult with Jamie.