Sam from Fluvanna County, VA

After my motorcycle accident, I tried to deal with the insurance companies on my own. It was a frustrating experience and, after a couple of months, my father-in-law recommended I contact an attorney. After my first meeting at Allen & Allen, I was blown away. The amount of information presented to me just in the initial conversation convinced me I needed an attorney. I was sold. After that meeting, I realized how much I didn’t know about handling situations like this. And once I had an attorney, the headache of the process was eliminated. No more harassing calls from the insurance company.

Coleman Allen knew how to handle my situation. He shared with me his experiences in handling motorcycle cases in the past, and I was very comfortable with his knowledge. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be difficult. Coleman explained things to me and helped me understand the process. The outcome of my case and the work done on my behalf was awesome. I never expected an outcome like this.

I would absolutely recommend Allen & Allen and Coleman Allen. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.