RVA Pulse Points: Accident Poses New Safety Concerns for Pulse Riders

Safety continues to be a concern for the GRTC Pulse bus route as six passengers were taken to the hospital following a collision on Thursday, January 24, 2019. The bus was hit by a car on West Broad Street while traveling westbound at 11:55 a.m.

According to police, the driver of the car has been charged with reckless driving.

While not much is known about the cause of the accident, Allen & Allen is dedicated to serving as an informative resource for bus riders and motorists who are adjusting to the changes in traffic created by the GRTC Pulse.

One of the changes that city drivers are struggling to adapt to is the integration of bus-only lanes to some of Richmond’s major thoroughfares. Here are the ways to turn safely and legally across these lanes.

Right Turns and Bus-Only Lanes

Some sections of East Broad and Main Streets feature curbside lanes with bus-only designations. According to Virginia DMV, drivers should not travel in the bus lane unless it is necessary to make a right turn. The driver is responsible for checking all mirrors and blind spots and yielding to buses.

If you fail to yield to a bus in the bus lane while turning right, you can be held liable for any damages that may result.

Left Turns and Bus-Only Lanes

All left-side (median) bus-only lanes have traffic lights that are designated to control only the bus lane. Drivers traveling parallel to these median bus lanes have clearly-marked left turn lanes and traffic signals at all intersections where left turns are permitted.

If you are turning left beside a median bus lane, obey the traffic signal for your lane of travel. Do not attempt to make U-turns or left turns while your signal is red – a bus traveling on either side of the median may have a green light even though others are stopped.

More Pulse Safety Precautions

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