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Renee from Spotsylvania

vehicle made an illegal U-turn and hit us headon at 45 miles per hour. The impact smashed the front of my car. My husband already had rods in his back from a preexisting injury, which really made his therapy more difficult and set him back in his healing. I also broke a bone in the crash.   

doctor looking at x-ray

We knew we didn’t want to deal with the insurance company directly. I talked to someone who had used Allen & Allen many years ago and was very happy with her settlement, so we contacted them and made an appointment.  

David Williams was very thorough and answered all our questions, no matter how minor they were. When he said he would call, he always did. He was honest from the very beginning and was concerned about us all the way through the process. Talking to David, we realized that attorneys we had in the past never told us half the stuff we needed to know. His assistant, Rae, was awesome as well. They made a dynamic team. They did anything and everything that was necessary, and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We were totally surprised and pleased with our settlement.  

David and Rae made us feel like we were a part of their family and beyond. We are so grateful. It’s been wonderful. I will be recommending them on multiple occasions, whenever I can.