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The American Association for Justice Report: They Knew and Failed To…

As a trial lawyer who has handled a number of complex products liability cases over my career, I view one of the rolls of the American civil justice system to protect consumer rights against corporations who knowingly endanger and fail to protect their customers. A recent report out from the American Association for Justice (AAJ), outlines scenarios where corporation responsible for product failures which endangered the lives of consumers, some even resulting in deaths, not only had knowledge of the products’ dangers, but also failed to do anything about it. Because government regulations and checks and balances on corporate liability in these scenarios can be lacking or lenient, the duty falls to the civil justice system to hold these companies responsible and hopefully make consumers safer in the long run.

To download the full report click here: AAJ Report -They Knew And Failed To

About P. Christopher Guedri: Chris Guedri is a Richmond personal injury attorney with the law firm of Allen & Allen. Chris’ ability to master complex technical, scientific, and medical information has made him a strong adversary in the broad range of personal injury cases he has handled over the last 25 years. Chris is experienced in handling products liability cases and wrongful death cases.