Phyllis from Richmond

I had known about Allen & Allen for decades. They have a reputation for being the best law firm in the city. When I was in the hospital after my accident, attorney Brad Kent came to interview me. Brad was an excellent representative of the firm because he was very clear and gave me a clear idea of what the next steps would be.  He told me that attorney Jason Konvicka would be taking my case. I was flattered because I knew he had a really good reputation as a high-stakes attorney.

One of the things I especially liked was that Jason and his assistant, Donna, were extremely accessible. If I called, they would always answer and if not, they would get back to me immediately. In the extremely rare cases where Donna couldn’t answer my questions, she would pass them to Jason and he would call back very quickly. They also predicted what my questions would be so they told me what I needed before I even had to ask! Even though my case fell into the “middle range” of settlements, I saw people in the office that I knew had bigger and smaller cases. No matter what size your case is, they treated everyone the same.