Phil and Shosh from Palmyra

We contacted Allen & Allen after my wife and I were rear-ended. We almost didn’t pursue the case because our injuries were minor. We understood that it was an accident and did not want the man who hit us to suffer. However, our daughter, a law professor, suggested we reach out to Allen & Allen. She told us of their good reputation in Charlottesville and one of her former law students was an attorney there. That is how we were connected with Emily Smith.

Emily came to Charlottesville to meet with us and understand the details of our case. She reassured us in our decision to pursue a case. Our injuries were about more than physical discomfort – it was also about the inability to participate in daily activities, traveling to doctors, etc. Emily set reasonable goals for fair compensation and negotiated on our behalf. She would call us with updates and was able to settle without going to court. She and Allen & Allen showed us that the little cases are just as important to the firm as the big, lucrative ones. They are not dismissive of those who need the “little help.” I really appreciated that.

Emily’s style was professional and personable. We felt secure with her. Based on our experience, I would not hesitate to refer people to her and if we need a lawyer again, we would definitely come back to Allen & Allen.