New Law Affecting Cyclists in Virginia: Effective July 1

As biking grows in popularity in cities across Virginia, so does the number of accidents involving cyclists. Bike accidents are often very one-sided, resulting in irreparable damage to the bicycle and serious injury to the cyclist. And, though some people are quick to blame the cyclists in these situations, it is all of our responsibility to be aware of our surroundings, share the roads, and help make Virginia a safer place for bicyclists and motorists alike. The Virginia Legislature has recognized the risks that cyclists face on the roads, and has passed a new law aimed at reducing these risks and keeping cyclists safe.

Effective July 1, 2014, automobiles must give at least three feet of room when they are passing bicyclists. If a driver fails to do so, it could result in an improper passing violation, the consequences of which are fines, court costs, and three points deducted on a driver’s license. Law enforcement officials are undergoing specialized training in order to recognize what three feet looks like in real world situations involving bikes and cars. Legislators and cyclists are hoping that this new law reduces the amount of accidents involving cyclists and encourages safe driving behavior.

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About the Author: Jamie Kessel is a personal injury attorney with the law firm of Allen and Allen. He works out of the Short Pump office and is experienced in handling complex personal injury cases involving distracted drivers, brain injury, wrongful death, and day care injuries.