Nathan from Richmond | Allen and Allen

I was coming home on a Friday evening after fishing. I was in the right lane on I-64 West. Suddenly, a truck hit me from the back. My car was spinning and spinning and finally spun off the shoulder.

The only thing I could see was the back of the tractor-trailer. Then the truck hit me again, and I was sent spinning back into the highway. When I finally stopped, I was in the middle of the two lanes of the highway. The traffic had stopped, and again, the only thing I could see was the back of the tractor-trailer, metal, and glass. I felt like I had been hit by a train. 

Several bystanders came to check on me, they were surprised I had survived. The ambulance came and took me away on a stretcher to the hospital. I was released later that evening, but in the coming days, I started experiencing pain in my elbow. Eventually, I had surgery on my left elbow. I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong, but the truck driver claimed I had come into his lane.  

I had seen Allen & Allen commercials on TV, but my daughter specifically recommended I call Courtney Van Winkle. She had helped my daughter in the past, so she thought she may be able to help me as well. Courtney set a meeting for me with another attorney, Brad Kent. After our first meeting, he thought I had a pretty good case.

My next meeting was with Courtney and Brad together, where they went over everything with me. I learned a lot under their guidance; they explained everything to me very clearly and kept me abreast of my case. Their legal assistant, Kim, was also great and helped manage the paperwork. Courtney and Brad stuck with me throughout the case, which lasted about three years because of the pandemic.

They are two of the best people I’ve ever dealt with; I don’t think I could’ve found better attorneys.