Lou from Stafford, VA

I was referred for the first time to Allen and Allen in 1991 during a driver’s education class by a fellow student. A year ago, when I was injured in an accident, I was referred to Allen and Allen again by my dentist. He told me, ‘before this is all over, you’re going to have $5,000 -$6,000 of dental work. You better find a good personal injury lawyer. Contact Allen & Allen. They take good care of their clients.”

Right after the accident and before I talked to my dentist, I hired an attorney. My insurance company tripled my premiums because the lady who hit me had no insurance. I did a lot of the leg work – work the attorney should have done – tracking down the woman who hit me.

Soon after, I called Allen and Allen and met with David Williams. I found him to be very professional. I really felt like he had my best interests at heart. David was so accommodating – he traveled for our meetings so I could be closer to my home. My first attorney was never so considerate.

I would recommend Allen and Allen to anyone. I am so appreciative of David’s help. I definitely feel that Allen and Allen puts clients on the top of their list.