Lenny from Richmond, VA

We called Allen and Allen almost two years after my accident and we met with attorney Paul Hux in the Chesterfield office. My experience working with Paul and his team was always a pleasant one, even though the reason we were working together was difficult for me and my family. It was obvious that Paul was a very caring person. He helped me see past the issues I was facing today and look to tomorrow.  His number one goal was to help improve my mindset and physical condition. Closure of the case was always secondary to my well-being.  I was pleased with the outcome of my case.  I would absolutely refer others to Paul and Allen and Allen.

I would like for people who are seeking to hire a personal injury attorney to know that there is a law firm that truly has their best interest at heart. Paul and his team are not about just settling a case; they want what is best for their clients. While the road may be a long one to travel, I would like to encourage others to not lose faith. As it was explained to me early in the process, Allen & Allen would work beside me while I was improving, and once I was better, then it was on to the settlement/litigation portion.

When I first met Paul, I was told by my doctors that I might not see any additional improvement to my overall condition. However, Paul and his team did not let me give up and encouraged me to seek out additional care. I was able to make further improvements with my accident related issues and to my overall health and wellness.

I am so thankful for Paul and his team. The association with Paul was much more than what I would have thought an attorney/client relationship would be.  The relationship was a positive one.  I will always remember what Paul and his team at Allen & Allen have done for me.