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Joyce from Barboursville

I had an auto accident in December of 2018 that put me in the UVA trauma unit for several days. My husband and I started getting calls from the other side’s insurance company just three days after the accident asking if we were ready to settle.

My husband let them know I was still in the hospital. They called again a few days after I came home and were again pushing us to settle; again, we said no. At that point, we got an eerie feeling that they might not take care of us.

My nephew is a state trooper and suggested I talk to an attorney, and Allen & Allen was the first firm he recommended. I knew they were local and had a good reputation, so I decided to give them a call. A few days later, we met with attorney Richard Armstrong.  

Richard Armstrong, attorney Allen & Allen

Before we met with him, I was stressed. I knew I would have high hospital bills, physical therapy bills, and would need surgery down the road. We hadn’t heard back from our insurance company, so I thought we might need to sue. After meeting with Richard, I didn’t feel stressed. I knew they would handle it.  

Richard explained the procedure to us in our first meeting. We knew right away if he was willing to take our case, we wanted him to handle it. Anytime Richard had an update, he, or his legal assistant, Etha, would send me an email. They stayed on top of my medical care. I went into the office a couple of times to sign and update paperwork; Etha was always so patient with me. She was not in a rush and let me have all the time I needed. She made me feel at ease.  

Before going into depositions, we talked frequently so I was prepared. After the depositions, things proceeded quickly. Richard and I came up with a number that we would settle for, so we didn’t have to go to court. We ended up settling for the fair number. That took a huge weight off my shoulders.  

I’m glad Richard got us where he got us. The whole experience in and out of the office was stress-free. Dealing with Allen & Allen was great. I would absolutely recommend the firm because they made me feel at ease and took care of us from day one. I could easily give them a 10 on a scale of 1-10 for the ease of the procedure. I felt like I was their client, I was important, and that they were going to do their best for me. I will recommend them to friends and family who need a lawyer.