John from Richmond, VA

When I was injured in a horrific accident, I turned to my family for advice. They referred me to Allen & Allen.

Trent Kerns knew how to handle my case. I was able to hand off all of the materials to him and his staff, and he took care of everything.

It was a relief to put my focus on getting better and back to work. I liked how Trent dealt with the insurance company for me. If I had tried to do this on my own, I would not be aware of what to do. He advised me on the many different steps we could take and surprised me by getting my case settled much quicker than I thought.

My advice to anyone looking to hire a personal injury attorney is to go to one who you feel you connect to. Trent was very honest and up front with me. He knew the ins and outs of what to do in order to get the best possible outcome for me.