Jill | Allen and Allen

Jill from Chesterfield

After my accident, I didn’t really know who to go to about my case. A friend of mine had used Allen & Allen in the past and said she had a great experience. The office in Chesterfield was very convenient for me so I set up an appointment. I didn’t know what to expect, but the woman I initially spoke with was very courteous and professional, and not too invasive or personal. After my initial meeting, Sandie, the legal assistant helping with my case, would follow up with me and kept me up to date. The team explained my case would take a while, but they regularly updated me. I would get nasty insurance notes and I always just handed them to Sandie and she would take care of them. In the last three months of my case, my attorney, Paul Hux, and I really started talking. He told me there was a chance we would have to litigate. I didn’t want to, but he assured me that it would all be fine. I put it in his hands. I told him I trusted him; he is a professional. After a lot of back and forth with the defense attorney going through the negotiation process, we were able to settle my case. I felt very at ease and very thankful that you all went to bat for me. You treated me as an individual and did the best for me that you could. You put in 100 percent. I would definitely recommend the folks at Allen & Allen.