Jamede from Chesterfield

My mom was hit by a car three years ago. She went to the hospital with body aches and neck and back problems.

The man that hit her didn’t have insurance, didn’t work, and was driving his parent’s car at the time of the accident. He also had a previous DUI and drugs in his system at the time of the accident. All these complications made our case take a while, but Chris Jones was always giving us updates.

Because my mom is in her 80s, my brother and I were heavily involved in helping her through the process. Chris would always stay in touch with us so we could explain what was happening to my mom. We had a great rapport. Chris did everything he could to make sure my mom got as much as she deserved in her settlement, even though it turned out that her own insurance had to pay.

Chris is a very good, thorough, and friendly attorney. He is professional and friendly. He remembered my mom on her birthday and Thanksgiving. It is almost like he became part of our family at the end, because we talked so much. I hope I never have to use his services again, but if I do, or we do, we would use Allen & Allen again and request Chris!