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How to prepare for the third wave of COVID-19

Within the past week, health officials have released warnings about a third wave of COVID-19. It’s already here, and it’s more severe than the first two waves. As a second outbreak hits the White House and numbers are climbing rapidly around the country, it’s a good time to address how we can best combat this deadly virus as the colder months approach.

COVID-19 curve third wave

Health officials have expressed concern regarding colder weather in relation to COVID-19. Whereas in warm weather, where people practiced social distancing in open air, frigid temperatures will drive groups indoors, where they will be in closer quarters in closed-in spaces.  Holiday gatherings create even greater risks, where people from many different localities will be gathering indoors, sharing meals in intimate settings. Some friends or family members may come from a high-infection area, bringing COVID-19 to a place where there hadn’t been an outbreak. With the U.S. becoming a mixing bowl for holiday travel, contact tracing becomes increasingly difficult.

Pandemic fatigue is another factor in the spread of COVID-19. People are understandably frustrated with the current restrictions, and look forward to holiday gatherings as a respite from the “sameness” of semi-quarantine. The CDC has released the following guidelines for safely celebrating Thanksgiving this season.

Considering that the virus is constantly mutating, it’s best to stay vigilant against changes that can make the virus even more deadly or contagious. Some experts are reporting that six feet may not be far enough of a distance between two people, depending on the activity. Please regard the below chart for best practices with social distancing.

social distancing chart


Staying safe through the colder months and throughout the holiday season will make for a safer 2021. With a few sacrifices and the acknowledgement that the 2020 holiday season will look a bit different than in the years past, the greater the chances that this virus will be behind us. Allen and Allen cares for the community, and will continue to provide COVID-19 updates and safety tips when new data emerges. Stay safe!