How Do We Determine The Value of a Case?

How Do We Determine The Value of a Case?

Personal injury attorney David Williams explains the answer to one of our most frequently asked questions: “how do we determine the value of this case?”

The process of determining an ultimate value on a personal injury case is difficult and complex. Every case is different, and that’s why you need a personal injury law firm that has experience to guide you through that process.

Our lawyers have significant experience in personal injury law and are able to give our clients a pretty good range of a value on a case. Here’s what we look at:

The accident itself

The first thing to consider in evaluating a personal injury case is the accident itself. How significant was this accident? Were there any aggravating circumstances, like was the other person drunk? Were they texting, or on their phone?

The location

Where the accident took place and what have other juries done with similar facts in making an award.

The injuries

What is the nature of the injury (or injuries) and their significance? Is extensive medical treatment needed? How long did it take for that medical treatment to get my client back to where they were the day before this accident, if they ever do? What was the status of their health just before this crash, and how did this accident affect that health? The amount of insurance coverage that’s available to compensate my client is also an important factor.

The lasting effects

A final factor we look at is – how has this affected your daily life? The things that we take for granted every day, and I’m going to put a value on that as well.

About The Speaker: Stafford County car accident lawyer David M. Williams Jr. is experienced in the litigation and resolution of car accident claims, wrongful death, truck accident cases and products liability cases. David works in Allen & Allen’s Garrisonville personal injury attorney office. David has successfully argued multiple cases before the Virginia Supreme Court in more than 15 years of experience with personal injury law.