Heather from Bumpass, VA

The accident happened on New Year’s Day a few years ago. What an awful way to start a new year.

While I was in the hospital, my brother called Coleman Allen and told him what happened. My brother was in a motorcycle crash some time before and Coleman handled his case. He was incredibly pleased with Coleman’s work, and he knew I needed someone with Coleman’s knowledge to help me.

Coleman came to visit me in the hospital. He was interested in how I was doing, both physically and mentally. He reassured me that everything would be alright, and I believed him. I knew he would make sure of it.

Coleman didn’t treat me like a client. He took care of me like a family member. Coleman cared about me to the fullest.

My case had many challenges, and I didn’t have medical insurance. Sometimes I felt like these were impossible things that couldn’t be overcome. But, Coleman followed through on every one of his promises. He was confident in his ability to help me from the very beginning. And, he did.