GM Website is Defective

The issues GM experienced with a number of its vehicles are well-documented, as is the fallout over how long the company took to recall the affected vehicles. As the months progressed and the recall grew to encompass millions of vehicles, GM began to to acknowledge that its initial response was lacking. As part of an effort to be more transparent about the recall and investigation process, GM developed a website to help consumers find out if the vehicles they owned were involved in the recall.

The premise behind the website sounds simple – entering the VIN of a GM vehicle would display whether or not that specific vehicle was subject to the recall. Unfortunately, like many GM vehicles, the website suffered a defect of its own and would sometimes misidentify whether or not the vehicle was actually covered. More specifically, if the replacements parts for that model were not currently available, the website would state that it was not covered by the recall (even if it actually was). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration became aware of the issue, and now informing GM customers that the website is functional.

We have compiled a list of recalled GM vehicles but this list may not be exhaustive after July 2014. If you or a family member has suffered a severe personal injury because of a defective GM vehicle, the experienced attorneys at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen can help. Call us at 866-388-1307 for a free consultation. We have offices across Virginia in Short Pump, Richmond, Charlottesville, Petersburg and Fredericksburg.