Freddy | Allen and Allen

Freddy from Henrico

I was coming back from a business trip and stopped in Charlottesville for lunch.  I decided to buy some chicken tamales to take home for my family for dinner. That night I heated up the tamales and after taking three bites,  I felt something stuck in the back of my throat. I tried getting it out – but couldn’t.  I started having difficulty breathing and had to go to the emergency room. They took x-rays and an MRI and saw that there was a bone stuck in my throat. The proper specialist was not available at that hospital so I had to be transported to another hospital by ambulance. I arrived there at 2 a.m., and there were specialists ready to perform emergency surgery.

This was a very traumatic experience that really affected me. To go from enjoying dinner with my family to going to the hospital and needing surgery was terrifying.  A happy moment turned into a really bad situation quickly. I realized I could have died. 

My wife suggested that I talk to someone about the situation because we wanted to make sure that it didn’t happen to anyone else. Allen & Allen came to mind because we had seen the commercials on TV. We didn’t expect them to take the case. Then we met with Trent Kerns. He was easy to talk to, supportive and very professional. Trent did research to determine what could be done, took my case on and won. I was very pleased with the outcome which was more than I expected.  I have worked with lawyers before but I have never had any lawyer dedicate as much time and effort as Trent did.  He made me feel comfortable and always stayed in touch. He answered all my emails and phone calls promptly. I would definitely recommend Trent and Allen & Allen to others.