Firm celebrates seniors with scholarship dinner

The class of 2024 had an unconventional start to their high school careers. These students began high school at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools were virtual, and many social events, considered a long-awaited right of passage for young people, were put on hold.

George E. Allen Academic Scholarship recipients

But looking at the accomplishments of our George E. Allen Academic Scholarship recipients, one would never assume that the restrictive beginnings of their high school studies hindered them at all. Not only are they accomplished scholars, but these seniors are fully engaged members of their communities.

Jason Konvicka

On Tuesday, May 7, fifteen exceptional seniors were honored for their accomplishments, and their ability to triumph over adversity. At Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, among the blooms and trickling fountains, Allen & Allen employees had a chance to mingle with these future leaders, and per usual, they gave us hope regarding future generations.

Seniors chatting

There was a lovely sit-down dinner, speeches, an awards ceremony, and finally, a gift bag for each attendee to help them get started on their illustrious college careers. This event is something The Allen Law Firm looks forward to every year, and it was a wonderful send-off as these students venture into adulthood. Mark our words: We will be seeing a lot more of them in the years to come!