UIM coverage is key to road rage settlement $850,000 Settlement

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Published: March 1, 2010

The case stemmed from a road rage or reckless driving incident between defendants Altimus and Greer. The plaintiff was involuntarily in the middle of it. There was limited coverage and the passengers in the Altimus car were killed and claims were made on their behalf.

Plaintiff’s claim was mainly based on his underinsured motorist policy of $1,000,000.


Tipo de acción: Lesión personal - accidente automovilístico
Lesiones alegadas: Subdural hematoma; liver laceration; sternal fracture; pulmonary edema; rib fractures; fracture of the left hip; comminuted femoral fracture; surgery to hip; surgery to remove hardware; fracture of the radius requiring surgery; shortening of the left leg
Nombre del caso: Carl Bishop v. Lloyd Altimus, administrator of the Estate of Sheila Altimus, deceased and James Greer
Corte: Fredericksburg Circuit Court
Case No.: CL08-244
Nombre del juez: Gordon F. Willis
Daños especiales: $275,103
Veredicto o acuerdo: Asentamiento
Monto: $850,000
Fecha: Sept. 10, 2009
Experts: Robert DeBlasi MD, Brian McDermott MD and Mark Willis Jr. MD, all orthopedists
Compañía de seguros: UIM – Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (paid $816,666.67 for insured Carl Bishop), Farmers Insurance Exchange Insurance Company (paid $16,666.66 for insured Altimus), Progressive Insurance Company (paid $16,666.66 for insured James Greer)
Abogado del demandante: Douglas A. Barry, Fredericksburg

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