Staying Safe at the Mall

For many people, Black Friday sales kick off the start of the holiday season. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and crowds of people flock to the mall to take advantage of one-of-a-kind sales. Here are some ways that you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe at the mall during this hectic, but fun, time of year.

Staying safe inside the mall

  • Choose restrooms that are located in central areas, or areas that have a lot of foot traffic.
  • Stay in public, well-trafficked areas, especially near closing time.

Staying safe in parking lots

  • If possible, walk to and from your vehicle with other people.
  • Keep your keys in your hand while walking to and from your vehicle.
  • Park near an entrance and in a well-lit area, if possible.  If this is not possible, and you are shopping alone, consider asking a security guard to accompany you to your vehicle – especially if you are shopping at night.
  • Before entering your vehicle, check to make sure that no one is in the back seat.
  • When you are in your vehicle, keep your doors locked.

Ways to keep children safe at the mall

  • Do not leave children unattended or let them wander around unsupervised.
  • Always accompany small children to the restroom.
  • Do not leave children in a play area, toy store, food court or video arcade while you shop.

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