So you want to go to law school? How to get into the law school of your choice.

So you’ve been reading the Allen and Allen blog, and now you’re inspired to become a personal injury lawyer. Next step: applying to law school! Here are some tips from my personal experience on getting into the law school of your choice:

Study what you love in college. College grades are very important in the law school admissions process. The more you love what you study, the better you’ll do. Don’t worry about majoring in a subject you think is an appropriate “pre-law” subject such as political science or economics. Major in what you love — whether it is philosophy, religion, drama, to name a few examples — and you’ll be more motivated to actively learn and participate in class, study, and do well.

Participate in class in college and get to know some of your favorite professors. The ones who know you the best will write you the best recommendations. Consider taking time off between college and law school. Do something interesting that could enhance your application. I volunteered in Costa Rica for about a year and learned Spanish, and I think this helped my application stand out. It also gave me a great subject to write about for my personal statement.

Take the LSATs very seriously. Your LSAT score will also be very important in the law school admissions process. This is a test that you can learn to take. Study the test and practice, practice, practice. Take an LSAT preparatory class. Once you learn its tricks you’ll find that some aspects of the test – such as logic games – really are fun. The more you practice the test, the better chance you have of doing well.

Work hard on your personal statement. This is your chance to let the admissions officers really get to know you. You could even buy a book on what law school admissions officers are looking for in an ideal candidate. When I was applying to law school, I bought a book called How to Write a Winning Personal Statement and followed its advice. Have people review your personal statement and give you honest, critical advice. Apply early in the academic year. Law schools generally have rolling admissions, and you have a better chance of getting in if you apply early.

Enjoy the process! This is a great opportunity to get to know yourself, your priorities, and your goals. Good luck!