Michelle from Mechanicsville, VA

I had a bad car accident in which a teenager hit me and totaled my car. I thought I was going to be ok and told her insurance company, Liberty Mutual, I was fine. They sent me a check for $1,400 but I did not cash it. I couldn’t get out of bed and was hurt worse than I realized. But Liberty Mutual had a recording of me saying I was ok. I met with Ryan Wind and Cheryl Napier and told them my story.

I never worried after Ryan took my case. Ryan was always honest and upfront with me, always available and very professional. Cheryl would consistently call to check on me and how I was doing with my medical progress.

They were an awesome team. Ryan, with Cheryl’s help, was able to get a settlement. This helped me get back on my feet. I am a single mom of two boys and was working two part time jobs.

The settlement paid for the car I had to buy and replaced the savings I lost due to the accident. Because of Ryan and Cheryl, I am able to get on with my life. Thank you so much.