Jury Links Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder To Ovarian Cancer

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder has been linked to ovarian cancer. Furthermore, the company’s internal memos suggest they were aware of these risks, but gave no notice or warnings to consumers.[1]

A second civil lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson resulted in a $55 million award to a 62-year-old woman who said her ovarian cancer was the result of talcum in the baby powder. Talc was discovered in her ovarian tissues, and her cancer is in remission. [1] Previously, Johnson & Johnson faced a $72 million award after a woman lost her life.[2] Sixty-two year old Jacqueline Fox passed away last Fall after losing her two-year battle with ovarian cancer.[3] Reportedly, Fox used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and other hygiene products containing talcum powder for more than 35 years.[4] Her family claims the talcum powder directly caused Fox’s ovarian cancer that ultimately killed her.[5] Her pathologist discovered that her ovaries were inflamed from talc, and then her cancer developed.[6]

An additional 1,200 women are also suing Johnson & Johnson for the company’s failure to warn consumers about the dangers of talc.[7]

Baby Powder and Products Containing Talc

Talc, also known as talcum powder, is a naturally occurring mineral composed of magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen. It is a common ingredient in baby powder and other products that are used for feminine hygiene.[8] Some years ago, doctors began seeing talcum powder incorporated in tissue of women with ovarian cancer.[9] This led many doctors to advise parents to stop using talcum powder on babies, and for feminine hygiene.[10]

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