Is Your Vehicle Prepared for Winter Weather?

Autor: Egena Younger

It’s that time again.  Everyone is busy shopping and looking forward to the festive events associated with the ending of another year.  We are all trying to spend less time outside and avoid the cold temperatures. The days are shorter and the nights are colder.  Yes, winter is upon us.  Iit is time to prepare for the cold temperatures and the unpredictable precipitation we have come to experience in Virginia.  Preparation takes a minimal amount of time and effort, but can prove to be essential to having a safe and enjoyable season.

Winter requires a lot of your vehicle and being sure it is functioning properly is just as important as being sure your home is properly prepared for winter.  The following list of suggestion may help you avoid unnecessary vehicle problems during this winter.

1.    Replace your windshield wiper blades and the wiper fluid with a wintertime fluid.

2.    Flush the cooling system and replace the coolant.

3.    Put together an emergency winter kit for the trunk of your car that  includes an ice scraper, blanket, small snow shovel, flashlight, ice melt, and kitty litter if needed for traction.

4.    Keep the gas tank near full to avoid ice or moisture in the tank or running out of gas.

5.    Keep a tire gauge to check the tire pressure and a tool kit in your car at all times.

6.    Try to never leave home without your cell phone and a car cell phone charger.

7.    Be sure you have a fully inflated spare tire, as well as the proper tire changing equipment needed to change the tire.  (If you are not familiar with how to change a tire on your vehicle, then make sure you have the owner’s manual in the car. If it’s lost, you should be able to download or purchase a new on on-line).

8.    Replace worn tires and be sure the air level is appropriate, since air in tires contracts in cold temperatures.

9.    Check your battery.  Make sure the battery’s posts and connections are corrosion-free and that the battery has sufficient water levels. If your battery is more than three years old, have it tested to ensure its ability to hold a charge. However, having jumper cables could prove to be extremely beneficial should you happen to leave your lights on or have an unforeseen loss of battery power.

10. Be sure your heater and vehicle’s windshield defrosters are working properly and all fluids are at appropriate levels.

11. Try to avoid traveling in severe weather, but if you must do so, be aware of where you are and what options are available, should you need to pull off the road due to conditions that cause limited visibility (A navigation system is an invaluable resource).

The Allen Law Firm appreciates serving our community and hopes this information is helpful.  We wish you and your loved ones a safe winter and a joyous season filled with holiday cheer.

Sobre el Autor: Egena Younger is a claims consultant in the Chesterfield personal injury law firm of Allen & Allen. Working under the supervision of Chesterfield car accident attorney Trent Kerns, Egena assists clients in their auto accident injury claims.