How to Organize a Food Drive in Your Community

With the holidays just around the corner, you may be feeling the generosity that flavors the season and are in search of different ways to give. If you want to support your community while also having fun in the process, you can easily organize your own food drive.

Collecting cans for your local food bank offers many opportunities to express your creativity and it serves as a tremendous value to those suffering from hunger during these chilly months. You can follow these tips for organizing a food drive in your community and enjoy the generous spirit of the holidays by helping those in need.

1. Select a local charity to receive your donations

Take a look around at charities in your area or families and children in need, and choose the cause that you want to support. Many underprivileged children go hungry, even during the season of plenty, and there are always families that need your generous donations. Contact local non-profits or religious organizations who know specific groups that can use your help.

2. Set a goal

Be ambitious, but reasonable. You want to motivate your team members to meet a goal that can be accomplished with the right amount of drive. Try making it a competition between members to ramp up the enthusiasm!

3. Plan your collection sites

Do you want to have a single drop-off point for incoming donations, such as a school cafeteria or the entrance to your workplace? How about several? Do you want to host your drive at a local event? Choose a location and give your drive a theme. Fun themes for the holidays are “Turkey Drives”, asking for popular Thanksgiving food, or “Santa’s Workshop for the Hungry”. Try “The Hunger Games” and have your team members compete for the most cans in your different locations.

4. Reserve your location

Make sure that your collection location is approved by your school, grocery store, or workplace before you begin to set up and advertise. If you are collecting at an event, be sure to reserve your location with the event coordinator.

5. Recruit volunteers

Ask your friends to participate, or enlist your kids and family. Have them craft a fun drop off bin that goes with your theme like a Mayflower boat, turkey, or Santa sleigh.

6. Advertise

Flyers are also fun to craft, especially with witty slogans that catch the eye and colorful pictures that reflect your theme. Try something like “Hunger: Together We CAN Beat It” or “Turning the Tables on Hunger”. Aside from posting flyers around town, school, or your office, try social media platforms. Advertise your food drive on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to tag the location so that everyone knows where to bring their donations.

7. Event day

It’s the big day! Gather your volunteers and get ready for the flood of donations coming your way! Be sure to have large signs to attract people and to let them know what you are hosting. To spice things up, have your team members make art projects out of the cans you receive, like sculptures that match your theme.

8. Deliver your donations to your local food bank

You’ve done it! You’ve been successful in sharing your giving spirit with your friends, family, and community around you. Now all you have to do is bring the donations to your local food bank so that those in need won’t have to go another day hungry. If you have children, it might be beneficial to bring them with you so that they can see directly how they have helped the unfortunate in your town.

Make sure to thank everyone who has made your food drive possible by posting a picture of the total collection or sending out a grateful email to your colleagues or members of your church. There are so many ways to support your community during this holiday season, and we applaud your generous spirit. Have a safe and rewarding holiday season!